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Powis Parker Fastback FB 9 E Binding System

The versatile Fastback® 9 is the most compact and affordable binding machine that Powis makes. Its desktop footprint (13"x19.5") is small enough to fit the most cramped conditions.

The Fastback 9 handles both tape binding and hardcover book binding and is a great choice for the small office/home office (SOHO). It's also suitable for companies that do not have a central copy shop, and require that each department handle its own binding.

In spite of its size and price point, the Fastback 9 is a powerful machine that can produce finished binding 3.5 times faster than traditional punch-and-bind systems. It binds from 10 to 250 sheets and is perfect for short-run and occasional jobs.

Use the Fastback 9 with our L-Strip and Lx-Strip™ binding strips, and the Halfback™ covers, as well as most other Powis covers, including the Bindercovers™. Their distinctive design is perfect for creating the ultimate in professional-looking reports.

For a new level of binding customization, the Powis Image Strip allows you to promote your brand, enhance your image, and ensure that each prospectus, manual, case study and report you produce is a cut above the competition.
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Planax COPYBINDER 5 Binding machine

Turn your copies and prints into representative, high-quality documents - with the powerful perfect binding device that makes professional binding accessible to everyone – fast, easy and precise.

With its outstanding processing qualities, easy handling and economical consumer material, the Copy Binder 5 is the ideal device for accountants, solicitors, corporate, copy shops, manufacturing, printers, and any company or organization that values the presentation of their documentation.
Compact design and easy handling.
Perfect binding for 5 to 330 sheets.
Fast, precise and neat processing.
Exact edges for a professional look.
Lay-flat ability for easy reading.
High binding durability and stability.
Excellent stacking ability for trouble-free storage.
Compact form for easy enveloping and mailing.

The Copy Binder System guarantees binding results which fulfil the highest bookbinding demands.
Every page is perfectly fitted within the binding.

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Powis Parker Fastback FB-20 Binding System

The Fastback® Model 20 is the ideal tape binding machine for all corporations, financial institutions, copy shops, print environments, or education establishments.
Create professional-looking presentations, yearbooks or bound documents at a fraction of the time required to bind with alternative bind solutions such as coil, comb, or wire.

This machine offers unprecedented ease of use with its LCD display that guides the user through each operation using animated illustration.
The Fastback 20 works with all of the Powis binding materials, from the versatile Super Strip to the customized Image Strip to the Perfectback strips for perfect bind books.
It can create anything from a simple report to a 350-sheet hardcover book.
Key Features :
•Binds 10 to 350 sheets in 13-20 seconds
•LCD graphics based user interface
•Binds tape strips, hardcover, and perfect bound documents
•3.5 times faster than punch and bind
•Minimal training required
•Easy to produce professional documents
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